Charge air pro air compressor pressure switch problem?

by candace
(scottsville, ky)

Charge Air Pro Compressor

Charge Air Pro Compressor

My charge air pro air compressor has a 5hp engine and hold 20 gallons of air.

I was wondering if i can change the pressure switch replacing it with one that came off of a craftsman 1.5hp 3 gallon tank.

they both have 125psi and the hook ups look similar.

the problem with my charge air pro is it gets up to 40psi and continues to run but will stop pumping air into the compressor so i shut it off and it started leaking from the little copper fitting on the side of the pressure switch.
Hi Candace...

The simple answer is, yes, if the pressure and power ratings and pressure settings of the new pressure switch are similar to the old, and you can get the unloader interface connected, sure, you can use any pressure switch you want.

However I do not think you have a pressure switch problem.

The pressure switch controls the ON/OFF of the compressor, based on the pressure in the tank. If the pressure in the tank never gets to the normal cut out pressure setting, then your pressure switch cannot trip to off, and the compressor keeps running. That is not a pressure switch fault.

That your Charge Air Pro compressor keeps running and does not build pressure could be a plugged intake, could be in intake valve, could be a pressure valve, could be a check valve... wait a minute, your pressure switch is leaking air from the unloader, isn't it? That says to me that the tank check valve is leaking and if it is, that might be the cause of both problems.

With the tank empty remove, inspect, clean or replace the tank check valve and see what results. With any luck that will resolve both issues... though, unfortunately, I suspect that your pump has other issues that prevent it from building the tank pressure to cut off.

See the troubleshooting section on the site map page for some links to specifics.

Cheers, and let us know what happened as a comment here, will you?


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May 07, 2018
Charge air pro Plus 5
by: Bill

Bit hard to understand all that you've written.

You say when the tank pressure gets to 120 or 125 PSI the compressor stops? What should the tank pressure get to normally before the compressor stops on full tank cut out?

Before you power off, when the compressor stops, does anything else happen.

When you power off, do you trip the switch on the pressure switch? And you say when you power off, an awful lot of xxxx (I'm guessing air) comes out of the little thing on the side of the switch. That little thing is the unloader valve, and air should come out for a second or two but not steadily. If that's happening, your tank check valve is not sealing.

Please provide more details.

May 04, 2018
Air compressor stop sat 120 PSI
by: Ken

Bill, I Have A pro charger plus 5 hp motor 20 gallon tank.

It does runs also builds up pressure But When It reach 120-5 It Does Stop off.

I check the check valve for any - rust or debris,That look good.

I power Off The compressor, Awful Lot Of Escape From Small Thing. That's ON Side of The presser Switch.

Can You Give Me Some Info On What To Do. I Would Really Be Thankful.

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