Changing voltage on a Rolair Model C5715K-0224

by Andrew
(British Columbia)

Hi Bill

I have the above mentioned compressor. It runs great but trips the breaker about 50% of the time when it turns on.

I would like to change the voltage on it to run on my 240 outlet.

The machine has a sticker on a box that is attached to the motor that says voltage switch inside. I open that up and there is a switch. It has FWD on one side and REV on the other. It is currently set at REV. So my question to you is do I just need to flip the switch and change the plug out to have it run on 240v?

I checked the Rolair website and can't find any info about it.

Any suggestions you can give would be great!


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Jul 16, 2015
by: Doug in

You're right, nothing much on the site and less with google.

Anyway, the two main possibilities are that the switch is labelled incorrectly, or not.

So, all else the same, throw that switch, and see what happens.

If it then runs backward from what it does now, it's labelled correctly.

If it doesn't run worth a damn, then it's probably a voltage switch.

You should look for another plate (on the motor itself) to see if there is a diagram for 220V operation. That may tell you why the switch is labelled as it is.

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