Changing oil in old sears. No sight or fill plug

by Chase Collis Parker
(Dallas Texas)

Old sears compressor unit only

Old sears compressor unit only

I See you have certainly attempted to answer the question but I am still left confused.

I have no sight glass. I do have a square drain plug like cap and a metal circular plate just above the drain tube.

I also am not sure where to fill this compressor. It has a giant slot that looks removable at first glance but it seems welded. let me know what you think.

Thanks in advance.
Chase Collis Parker

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Sep 26, 2015
oil change
by: Doug in

Tough to see in your pic, but I think I see the square plug above the long drain tube. That would be the fill hole I mentioned before.

The round plate above that appears to be a cap for a crank bearing.

It's possible there was a bayonet gauge or dip stick, which broke and was replaced by the plug.

I don't see a likely candidate hole for a sight glass.

Need more/better pix to say any more.

Sep 26, 2015
Additional Question
by: Chase

If you notice there is what looks like a sight glass location but it just has a metal plate over it. I didnt take much oil out but am worried it may have leaked over the years. I can drain by long pipe and fill by little plug just above it but I also found what looks like a vent on the front of the unit. Just above the shaft. Do you think I used to have a sight glass? Also I found a maintance sticker that says to check the sight glass OR the bayonet gauge. I am 99% sure I dont have a bayonet gauge.

Sep 07, 2015
oil change
by: Doug in

Chase, many older pumps do not have a sight glass.

Most that I've seen that don't have a glass have two plugs, often but not always adjacent, one above the other. The upper one is angled 45 degrees or so.

Use the lower to drain, then plug and fill from the top one, usually fill to where the oil is at the bottom thread of the fill hole.

If you can't find a fill, then I suggest you drain from the hole you have, and measure it, so you have an idea of how much to put back in. You'll have to tilt the pump to do it.

Good luck.

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