Change oil and clean filter on a Sanborn

by Richard
(crosby Mn USA)

I need to know how to change oil and clean the filter on a Sanborn 60 gallon.

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Sep 18, 2018
Sanborn oil & filter
by: Bill

A 60 gallon Sanborn could have, over the years, any number of different pumps with different characteristics, so not knowing the model is making it difficult to be specific.

If there's an oil sight glass, often the sump drain is located below that. Drain the oil, replace the plug, and add oil until it's at the center of the sight glass.

In terms of the filter, I presume that's the intake filter? That being the case, unscrew it from the side of the pump, see if there is any way you can "pop" the cover off (usually there is a way), and having left a full charge of air in the compressor tank, use a blow gun to reverse the flow of air through the filter to try and dislodge dirt. It it's really plugged, see the page on this site about replacing the filter element.

Please either provide a photo of each side of the pump or provide the model number for specific help.

Good luck.

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