Change filter element...

by suprapto
(Tangerang, Indonesia)

Here are the question

1. Is it possible to change the coalescing filter element to another type?

2. could you explain about the flow chart of filter element to be install in line?

3. Is it possible we using filter element only one size (micron) for 3 location in line?

Example: 1 unit filter assy in line before reservoir tank, 1 unit before air dryer, and the others before machine line with mesh coalesting same size.

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Aug 09, 2017
Filter elements
by: Bill

Hello suprapto.

1) Yes, as long as the manufacturer of the filter housing has elements that fit. Typically you can change elements to suit, and that way, they only have to build one style of filter body.

2) Typically I would install a general purpose filter (30-40 micron), then a 5 Micron filter, and then the coalescing filter. That way, the life of the coalescent filter element will be extended as non-oil related debris and water is removed from the air stream before it gets to the coalescent element.

3) That depends on the flow capacity of the filter with the 1 micron element, and the air demand of the downstream devices. As long as enough air flows through the filter to run the equipment satisfactorily, then yes. Otherwise, nope!

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