Champion R15 leaking slowly from unloader muffler assembly

by Chris Gockley
(Schenectady, NY, USA)

Champion R15 compressor

Champion R15 compressor

I just had new bearings and a stationary switch installed in my 3 HP Dayton motor (1825 rpm) that drives the R15 pump, marked 3Z180 by Speedaire.

Deciding on whether to leave good enough alone or get into the pump. I know it has to be degreased and cleaned of saw dust build up.

The large flywheel runs a bit out of true and it loses about 5 psi every 10 hours. From 0 psi to 175psi takes about 12 minutes.

I found a relief valve leaking and as seen in the picture the unloader muffler assembly is blowing bubbles.

The previous owner did not have an adequate air filter on it and judging from what was inside the can, it spent a bit of time that way. It sounds healthy and when I put my hand over the intake it seems to work as it should. I wonder how some fresh valves or even rings would improve its performance. Although I recognize that my 3HP motor will be slower on the draw.

Any insight and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am on a relatively slow learning curve with lots to learn.

If you have the time, please check out my questions regarding a Leroi Dresser 440A that I am looking forward to iron out. Thanks a bunch. Chris

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