CH 03002000 compressor won't build pressure properly

by matt b
(newburgh, indiana, usa)


I have a campetll Hausfield 200PSI compressor it is a 3002 model. I have had it for about three years. It recently started running longer than normal. Usually after the initial run, it would re-compress in about 10 minutes if I would be using it hard. Not long ago it would run longer until it started running continuously, and finally I found it wouldn't build above 40 psi. (Which is what it was at when I turned it on.)

Following your compressor not building post, I drained the tank (which I hadn't done since the summer), disconnected the hose, and restarted it. It did not register any pressure after running for 10 minutes. I reconnected the hose and using a blower fitting got a little air coming out. I tried to test it by putting a compression tester up against the blower fitting, and I roughly got 5-10 psi.

Any suggestions on what might be the trouble?

I did not check the input. I will do that and provide another response.

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Dec 07, 2014
by: Bill

Matt, when you say "Is there some reason that it may stop building at 40psi? " if the compressor keeps running but the pressure won't go past 40 PSI, and the intake is clear, and the outlet to the tank can be easily blocked with a finger, then you've most likely got a valve, seal or gasket issue inside the pump.

You need to browse to find a repair kit for your pump with both valves and gaskets and replace all. In fact, while it's torn down, if you can get a replacement ring kit for the piston, you may as well change them, and you've essentially covered all reasons within the pump why a compressor can run and not build pressure.


Dec 06, 2014
tearing down compressor
by: matt b


I started working on the compressor today. The tank still had over 30 psi when i relieved it. Is there some reason that it may stop building at 40psi?

I have taken off the shroud so I can see the workings. I disconnected the hose coming from the piston and ran the compressor with it off. I tried to cover the hole so nothing escaped, and found that I could effectively close off the air with my finger. I don't know if that is a valid test or not.

I am ready to begin tearing apart whatever needs to be taken apart, but I could really use a plan of action and some idea of what tests I can do to isolate the problem. Having rebuild the bottom ends of some motorcycles, I know that I am going to end up destroying gaskets etc once I start dismantling. So, I would like to do more problem detection up front so I do less dismantling.

I appreciate anything you can suggest.

Dec 01, 2014
Compressor won't build pressure
by: Bill

I'm thinking you'll need to tear it down to check valves, gaskets and piston seals.


Nov 30, 2014
additional information
by: Matt B

I took out the filter, it looked fairly clean. I knocked it around to get any dust off of it. I turned the compressor on and felt suction where the filter connects.

I let the compressor run, and after 4 minutes it was showing about 40 psi. After 20 minutes, it was still showing about 40 psi. I tested with the compression gauge and got about 30psi.

I was incorrect, the compressor looks to be an MJ300200. It could be HJ, I can't quite make it out. It is a 20 gallon 200 psi.

Nov 30, 2014
Campbell Hausfield won't build pressure
by: Bill

Hey Matt, in the absence of external issues - intake filter etc., the next logical place to look is the pump, both in terms of intake and pressure discharge.

In the event that you aren't getting good intake flow, then that would suggest either the intake valve or the piston seals.

You will probably need to tear down the compressor pump to check these.

Interesting that you bought this compressor in 3002? :-)


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