CFM of Sanborn Black Max 5hp?

by Thomas Turner
(Grovetown, Ga)

My friend's father-in-law died recently. In his shop is a Sanborn Black Max 5hp,two stage, and 60+ tank. There's no paperwork for it. Any idea how to find out the cfm?

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Jan 12, 2019
Sanborn Black Max 60 Gal 5 HP Compressor
by: Burt

I have a Sanborn Black Max 60 gal 5 HP Compressor that a friend gave me years ago. I suspect this thing was built somewhere in the 80s or 90’s.

It is a two cylinder, SINGLE stage air compressor. And it says right on the tank 14.7 CFM at 90 PSI.

I just replaced the compressor pump with an equivalent Powermate pump. Also replaced the pressure switch, an unloaded tube.

I suspect that you have a single stage, two cylinder as well. I don’t have a manual, but really haven’t had a need for one in order to replace any component or do maintenance on it.

If you have any questions, just ask.

Jan 08, 2019
CFM of Sanborn Black Max 5hp
by: Bill

Tank size has nothing to do with compressor output. It's pump size, motor HP and RPM that determine the output.

I too have not been able to find any info on the model, in terms of a manual or specifications.

Your best bet then is a) contact powermate as it says on the page, or b) see what comparable compressors generate.

I took a quick look and can say with confidence that if your compressor is working properly, you should get around 15-16CFM of air output at 90 PSI.

Hope this helps.

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