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The Central Pneumatic model 67501 air compressor is one of Harbor Freight’s popular air compressor models.

As I look at the features of the Central Pneumatic model 67501, I can’t help comparing it to one of the air compressors in my workshop. Mine is a dead ringer for the 67501 if you simply remove the Harbor Freight / Central Pneumatic decals and replace them with another brand name. I suspect the same factory in an Asian country supplies this model of air compressor to big box stores all over the world.

With a 2 HP motor and an 8 gallon tank, the model 67501 provides enough air for short-burst air tools, but no where near enough to try to run grinders, sanders, air-blasting equipment. I use my similar model for blowing off the workbench, table saw and planer, driving some brad-nailers, and airing up tires of course.

The 67501 air compressor is useful anywhere that the 125 PSI that is available from this Central Pneumatic air compressor, in a relatively low flow, can do the job.

Central Pneumatic / Harbor Freight model 67501 air compressor
Central Pneumatic / Harbor Freight model 67501 air compressor

In late 2013 this model is still available to be purchased from Harbor Freight. This means that parts and some support should be available from them.

Central Pneumatic 67501 air compressor manual available to download here:

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