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Central Pneumatic Model 40400 – User Support & Info – Ask Here

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The Central Pneumatic Model 44400 air compressor is one model of the Central Pneumatic house brand sold by Harbor Freight air compressors.

The 40400 is a small, DIY type air compressor, and appears to be manufactured off-shore for Harbor Freight with a 2 HP motor positioned on the top of an 8 gallon tank, with pull handle and wheels under the tank for easier movement.

The 40400 is oil lubricated, and must be filled with compressor lubricating oil before being run for the first time. Check the oil level in the sump by looking at the sight glass located under the oil fill plug on one side of the pump. If filled to the correct level, oil will be visible in the sight glass, and level with the center of the dot in the middle of the sight glass. Do not overfill. If you do, use the drain plub below the sight glass to drain off excess oil.

Central Pneumatic 40400 Air Compressor
Central Pneumatic 40400 Air Compressor

With so many questions submitted about the operation of the model 40400, it has earned its own forum page here on about-air-compressors.com. If you are looking for help with your 40400 you will find it below.

Please do read the existing posts to see if your compressor issues has already been addressed. It’s also a good idea to review the troubleshooting pages too to see if your question has already been answered there as there, are many common compressor problems have already been addressed on those pages.

If you can offer advice on another visitor’s posting about their Central Pneumatic model 40400 air compressor, please do so by adding a comment on the existing question.

40400 Manual

Download a copy of the manual for the Central Pneumatic #40400 air compressor, by clicking here.

As the numbers of comments added to this page grows, it may get harder for you to find the specific answer you are seeking so I’ve added a search box here for your use to help you find the information you need.



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