Central Pneumatic fuse keeps blowing

by Chris Penley

I changed my blown fuse but they keep blowing

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Mar 31, 2018
60737 blowing fuses
by: Bill

Perhaps you might also let us know the distance to the socket into which you plug the compressor and the power panel that has the fuse is, along with what amperage is the fuse you are using.

Is the fuse a regular one, or a delay, do you know?

Mar 31, 2018
60737 blows fuse
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

Before you plug it in again, try replacing the fuse and use your free HFT multimeter to check across the parallel blades of the plug, switch ON. note ohms. will be a low reading.

Now disconnect two wires closest to the motor. Measure at the plug again. note ohms. should be infinity. Now, connect the wires you removed from the motor, and measure as before. Should lower that when you had the motor connected.

If that's not true, please look at the motor, and tell what kind it is, e.g., does it have brushes?

Mar 30, 2018
by: A

I have the 60737 and mine ran fine the first time I used it. The second time it blew a fuse when I hit the power switch. I put a new one in and same thing happened. Plugged using both straight to socket and another to extension cord

Feb 05, 2018
blows fuse
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

When? (as soon as you turn it on, after it tries to restart when air get low, or ...?)

Are you using an extension cord? Test without it.

What model is it?

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