Central pneumatic compressor starts and stops

by Nate

I just bought a brand new central pneumatic 2.5hp 21 gal compressor.

Attempted to break it in and the motor would turn over but not run and kept tripping reset button.

Eventually it did start but only after I opened the valve on the tank. Odd??

Well it ran fine for the 30 min break-in period.

I change the oil like required and turned it back on. It got to 40psi and tripped the reset button. I reset it and it only hummed and tripped again and again. After it di this a few times I decided maybe it had gotten too hot and hadn't had adequate time to cool. I let it set for 30 min and tried again, same thing... Got to 40psi and tripped reset. then hummed every time I reset it. Someone help.

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Jan 04, 2015
lights in garage dim when compressor tries to start
by: Bill

Depends, of course, on what the problem is. A dedicated line to the compressor is great, if you use it enough to make that worthwhile.

It should be on a 15 amp breaker.

Does the same thing happen with the tank completely empty of air? If not, see the unloader valve page for details of about what it is and what it does. Make sure it's working.

If the unloader is working, and your compressor hasn't had a mechanical failure that overloads the motor, then I would check the start capacitor next. See that page on this site for details about how to do that.


Jan 02, 2015
Same issue
by: Eric

2.5 hp central pneumatic 21 gallon compressor. Plugged into an outlet that nothing else is running off of. When in turn it on, lights in garage dim, it sounds like it wants to start but chokes and dies. Had it started once. Ran it for about 25-30mins and shut it off. Won't start back up again. Was thinking about running a dedicated outlet for this, would that solve the issue?

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