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by bob
(Tiffin Ohio)

I have a model 40400 compressor that will not turn on, what should i look for?

Central Pneumatic 40400 Air Compressor
Central Pneumatic 40400 Air Compressor


Bob, there’s a bunch of things that could be causing that, and you’ve not provided much information to start diagnosing this.

Would you please go to the troubleshooting page and read the pages about why air compressors don’t start? There are things listed there to check, and rather than retype them all here again, please check them out.

When you’ve checked the issues referred to there, add a comment here telling us what you did or didn’t find in the process of trying to figure out why your air compressor won’t start, and we’ll press on.

Air Pressure not building but compressor is running

by Bruce
(Wayne, WV.)

My 40400 will run but it won’t build up any air pressure, Any ideas on this ?

Lots of ideas Bruce… maybe even some of them good?

Your compressor problem is not unique, so I added some pages on this site about how to try and figure out why your air compressor runs but does not build pressure and rather than retype all that info here, please check these pages out:

There are other pages the address other issues, but these will give you a good start.

Please add a comment with what you found if you wish.