Harbor Freight Compressor Tips

The Harbor Freight compressor tips and the Central Pneumatic (HF's house brand) found below have been distilled from the many contributions from folks that own and use Harbor Freight air compressors.

I sure appreciate that folks that take the time to send tips in on the Harbor Freight or Central Pneumatic forum pages. I'll be adding more tips to this page as new ones come in, and as I find the gems hidden in the hundreds of postings about Harbor Freight and Central Pneumatic air compressors that have already been submitted in the ten years this site has been live.

Tips are listed in numerical order by model number.

When the numbers of tips justify it, I will add a search box here so you can quickly search all the tips on this page.

Central Pneumatic / Harbor Freight Model 47065

Replacement pressure switch for model 47065
from Matt

Just ordered one from an Amazon store (Wessol) located in KY, not China. Cost $9.18, no tax or shipping, and will be here in a few days. Here's the info: "New Heavy Duty Air Compressor Pressure Switch Control Valve 90 PSI -120 PSI ESUMIC" and it lists a 3 year warranty!

More on Replacement pressure switch for model 47065
from AZBen

A similar switch with fulfillment by Amazon, meaning they have it at their warehouse already. You should get this one for a couple dollars more in only a week or less. Only two days for Prime members. http://www.amazon.com/Compressor-Pressure-Switch-Control-90-120/dp/B008QV2O8G

Make a diaphragm for a for model 47065 pressure switch
from AZBen

I made the diaphragm from a bicycle inner tube cut square with scissors and punched with a small leather punch tool on hardwood backer board. Reassembly is easier if you clamp the spring to keep it from pressing everything open. I used two medium hand spring clamps.

Central Pneumatic / Harbor Freight Model 61454

Reed valve for Harbor Freight / Central Pneumatic model 61454
James V., June 2017

Just got info from harbor Freight on how to order replacement reed valves for the 2.5 HP 21 Gallon compressor # 61454
Sales department 1-800-423-2567.
Mon–Sat, 5:00am–9:00pm
Sun 6:00am–6:00pm (PT)
Valve 3 pak SKU #13821 3Pk $4.99

Found reed valve for Harbor Freight / Central Pneumatic model 61454 - but not at HF!
from Bob, Salinas Ca.

Replacement reed valves for this model can be bought at Sears, part number E100229, for $4.59.

Central Pneumatic / Harbor Freight Model 94667

94667 Gaskets

Found the gaskets for the 94667. Campbell Hausfeld and Husky model HL4000 are exactly the same as the #94667. Whoever makes the compressor obviously sells them to several retailers. You can buy the head rebuild kit HL026100AV for less than $25 on ebay or lots of other web sites. It includes all gaskets, reed valves, and the head plate. And I'm guessing other HL4000 parts will fit on the #94667, too. I know this works, just did my #94667 and now it pumps right up and shuts off.

Air intake filter for the 94667
from Coon Dog

HL026100AV CAMPBELL HAUSFELD and HL4000 Husky - These two compressors both have same parts... You can find the parts on Ebay.. Hope this helps..

Central Pneumatic / Harbor Freight Model 95275

Regulator issue resolved for model 95275
from Don Andersen

Wasn't getting any air out of the coupler. ...I realized that the end of the white plastic plunger inside the regulator was not long enough (was no longer long enough) to push the spring loaded valve open to let air out of the tank and to the quick coupler. So I put a little 1/8 inch diameter piece of gasket material in there and it works fine. I suspect the plastic deformed a little in four years or the rubber plug it goes into. Maybe a person should back the regulator valve off when not in use. P.S. Your book is great.

Central Pneumatic / Harbor Freight Model 99781

Rebuild parts for a for model 99781 air regulator
from Piddler

Model 99781 Air Regulator (built into the manifold) Impossible to find a rebuild kit for it. Harbor Freight customer service tried but could not ID my 6 year old unit. Solved by replacing existing manifold with Couplings and Tees with inexpensive regulator 'in-line' between tank gauge tee and the 'regulated flow' gauge tee. I relocated the pressure relief safety valve to the 1st tee which connects the incoming tank line and tank pressure gauge mounted on end. Had to cut a hole in cover housing. tee is end where Mounting was a little odd but it works fine.