Central Pneumatic 95275 very little air comes out of the quick coupling

by Don Andersen
(Fargo, ND)

Harbor Freight Central Pneumatic 95275 pancake compressor pumps up to 100 psi and then shuts off correctly, but very little air comes out of the quick coupling. Pressure gauge drops to zero and then slowly comes back up to pressure on the other gauge. is there a valve that is sticking?

Please review the page No Air Out of Hose linked from the troubleshooting.

When you say little air comes out of the quick coupling, I am assuming that you are plugging a connector into it, and little air flow is coming out of the hose?

Regardless, see the troubleshooting page and then comment here with your findings if you wish.



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Jun 13, 2014
Problem solved
by: Don Andersen

After trying a dozen things, I realized that the end of the white plastic plunger inside the regulator was not long enough to push the spring loaded valve open to let air out of the tank. So I put a little 1/8 inch diameter piece of gasket material in there and it works fine. I suspect the plastic deformed a little in four years or the rubber plug it goes into. Maybe a person should back the regulator valve off when not in use. I widh I jad taken a photo. P.S. Your book is great.
I appreciate that. Thanks.


Jun 06, 2014
Certainl Pneumonia 95275
by: Don Andersen

I reviewed the No Air Comes Out of the Hose page.
Yes, I agree that the regulator must be the problem. I have had it all apart and just can't see anything that could be plugged. I see how the air gets out of the tank past the spring loaded rubber plug. As you turn in the regulator knob to increase the working pressure that pushes the little plug open allowing more air to come out of the tank. Beats me.
The thing is, Don, if you get good flow of air to the hose coupling if you remove the regulator from the flow path, then it must be the regulator.

And I appreciate that you aren't seeing anything wrong when you disassemble the air regulator.

Yet, if that's the impediment, then there must be something mechanical that has failed, and I suspect a spring being weak.

Since it's hard to find rebuild parts for a regulator, then you may have no choice but to acquire a new one.


Jun 04, 2014
by: Doug in s.d.ca

You say you get 100psi at cutoff, the regulator shows pressure (what? 90psi or whatever you set?)

When you go to use air the regulated pressure drops to zero, is that right?

If so, then you likely have either a blockage into the regulator, or the regulator is not working properly.
Thanks Doug. Essentially, that's what the information on the page I referred the questioner to says, along with other info. Much information and answers to regular questions is already on the site, yet it seems that some folks find it easier to ask a question, maybe one that has already been answered literally hundreds of times in other posts, than taking a bit of their time and reviewing the pages on this site. That's why I refer folks back to the site when the information is already here for their use.


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