Central Pneumatic 95275 has no air at outlet

by BJ
(Mission TX USA!)

My Central Pneumatic Compressor

My Central Pneumatic Compressor

Have followed your suggestions. Central Pneumatic item # 95275. Unit has not worked properly since new. (harbor Freight purchase)

air builds to 100 psi (good) secondary gauge builds to 50 psi. (good)attach air hose to outlet, air says "max output bicycle tire partial fill" and secondary gauge goes from 50 psi to -0-. Have tried using just the hose connector without an air hose. "max output bicycle tire partial fill" gauge and air pressure go from 50 to -0-.

Gauge pressures look good but results are very limited air at discharge end.

any help is useful

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Feb 15, 2018
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

So, it's too late to take it back?

Feb 15, 2018
No air at outlet
by: Bill

I'm not quite sure what this means BJ "max output bicycle tire partial fill". Is this an indicator of some kind on the regulator gauge or info panel on the compressor itself?

Anyway, you say when you go to use air the "secondary gauge goes from 50 psi to -0-". The secondary gauge is the regulator gauge, and can be adjusted from zero to the highest pressure your compressor builds air pressure to, if desired.

It sounds very much like the compressor regulator may be suspect.

When you say "Have followed your suggestions", I believe one of those is to try and take a feed from the tank air BEFORE the regulator, to determine if you get good air flow if the air doesn't have to pass through a suspect regulator.

In the case of this well covered regulator and the manifold you will find underneath it, and yes, you will have to remove the cover, this may be difficult for you.

Before you do that, turn the regulator knob until the air pressure dials down to zero the regulator gauge. Turn it back up until the gauge registers the same pressure as the tank gauge. Dial it back down to the 50 PSI or whatever pressure you wish to flow into the tires. As long as the existing tire pressure is below the regulated pressure setting by 5 PSI or more, air should flow into the tire.

If it does not, I suggest you replace the regulator.

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