Central Pneumatic 94667 ran yesterday, won't start today.

by Norm
(Seattle, WA)

it's a Central Pneumatic 21, model #94667.

I haven't used it for a year or more and needed to air up a tire.

it turned on just fine, but only built up about 40 lbs of pressure and then no more pressure, but motor continued to run.

turned it off. did not notice anything unusual until today, when it would not turn on at all. no hum, no nothing.

there's power to the outlet and oil level is fine.

any suggestions?


Norm.vw@att.net, 949-370-1710

sorry I don't have a picture, camera is dead too. ;(

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May 25, 2015
Troubleshooting a 94667
by: Bill

Sounds like your compressor has more than one issue, Norm.

The troubleshooting page on this site about air compressors that run but don't build pressure will give you some insight into what may be causing that.

As to the won't start part, good that you checked that there is power at the plug. Since when troubleshooting you want to empty the tank air, which means that the pressure switch is now tripped to passing power, is power getting to the motor side of the pressure switch?

If not, the switch may be the culprit. If so, look to the motor start capacitor. See how to check that on this site too.


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