Central Pneumatic 68067 Pressure switches

by Kenny Hickmon
(Pooler GA USA)

I have a 68067 model central pneumatic compressor i traded some shop equip for. The pressure switch appears to be bad so i ordered one that looked as close as i could find but some of the ports are not the same size, so my question is can i use adapters to make this switch work or do i need to try and find one with the right size ports?

My second question is that my compressor does NOT have a unloader but all of the replacement switches i find have a fitting for it, can i just not hook it up or do i need to get a check valve and add one to it??
Central pneumatic
1.8 hp

Ps old switch is on the right.

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Jun 05, 2018
Thanks - 68067 Pressure switches
by: Kenny Hickmon

Thank you Mr Bill you made my day.



Jun 05, 2018
68067 Pressure switches
by: Bill

First question... as long as the cut in and cut out of the new switch are close to the old, yes indeed, use adapters where necessary to plumb the new pressure switch.

Second question... before assuming that the old did not have an unloader of some sort, inspect the plumbing from the pump to the tank. Somewhere in there I expect you'll find a small hole. If you do, that's the unloader for this compressor.

So, can you ignore the unloader on the new pressure switch? Yes indeed, if the old one does not have one. If there is nothing connected to the unloader, then as it cycles, nothing will happen regarding air exhausting etc., though if your tank check valve leaks, that's another story.

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