Central Pneumatic 67696 No Output

by Hilary
(Bethlehem GA USA)

central pneumatic 67696 air compressor

central pneumatic 67696 air compressor

I saw a similar post which was very informative and well written. My model 67696 oil-less compressor was running normally and stopping at 150PSI. When I last used it with a nail gun on my deck, it stopped cycling off that day, and then dropped to 70PSI on both gauges. I purged the air with a nozzle on the hose to 20PSI, and drained the tank as usual. Turned it on again and NO real output, from the drain (you could stop it with a finger over the hole), and zero on the tank pressure gauge with the drain petcock closed.

I tried calling the Harbor Freight C/S number but never got thru to anyone. The parts are in the complete book that came with the unit. I will order the valve assembly, as it is likely the cause of the sudden failure, as the whole piston ring would have to fallen apart to cause such low output. Any ideas how to MAKE or SUBSTITUTE the parts (valve metal fingers, soft piston ring) since they are hard to find? You have a very nice website with independent answers and education which is appreciated!

UPDATE: I just found an identical model and checked that ALL the parts are available under Husky 1506FWH, from masrertoolrepair dot com!

Ordering multiple of whatever failed tomorrow, to keep this tidy unit going for 5-10 more years!

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Oct 01, 2014
Found the real problem - Broken discharge pipe
by: Hilary

I got to tear down the unit, and found that the aluminum output tube had fractured most of the way through, at the compression fitting coming out of the 90 degree fitting. It is listed as key no 145 code 9414882 in the Central Pneumatic parts list. I will get it fixed at NAPA by saving the compression collars by cutting a slot in the pipe inside it, and then reuse a bend in the middle to connect to the head again. Then buy whatever they have including a section to absorb the vibration, between the 2 aluminum pipe ends. It must be high temp capable, and seems to be 10mm OD. The piston ring and sleeve showed some wear debris, and I will go get those parts and a valve plate for the Husky from mastertoolrepair dot com. Again HUSKY is the only model reference to use to find support, not C-P or Harbor Freight!

Sep 30, 2014
making parts
by: Doug in s.d.ca

You have a source for actual parts, but if you need to make some in the future, check the site map and see the "I made my own reed valves" post.

As for soft neoprene or whatever rings, they are probably some sort of standard, but I haven't gotten around to understand how they are spec'd.

Sep 30, 2014
Thanks... glad you found parts for your central pneumatic 67696 air compressor
by: Bill

I appreciate your comment and am glad that you found parts.

Since the central pneumatic 67696 air compressor is still available as new, I would have been surprised if you were not able to find parts somewhere.

Good luck.


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