Need Reed Valves Model 93786?

by Niles Taber
(Madison,IN USA)

Central Pneumatic 5HP Reed Valves No.93786

Im looking for two reed valves and head gaskite for my compressor i have looked every where and cant locate them I have central pnumatic 5hp item no 93786 serial no is 090901262.If you can help me find them please get back with me phone is 734 478 2550 I would realy appreciate it thank you.Ni
Hello Ni...

By everywhere, I expect you mean Harbor Freight too? If not here is their customer service number: (800) 444–3353 Monday thru Friday, 6:00 am – 9:00 pm PST.

One visitor to this site talked about making his own reed valves out of the spring steel in his paint scraper blade. Had the same problem as you in finding parts.

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Nov 27, 2018
hf 5 hp Reeds
by: Joe

My model number is 91982 but I believe the same compressor head.

After much reading and searching I stumbled onto the reed valves for mine on E-Bay from Hong Kong Under 100mm length cast steel compressor valve plates 3 pc kit.

My plate has three reeds one approx 4"L x 3/4" w and 2 about 2" L x 5/8" W at the wide end.

Still looking for gaskets or a complete valve disk with new reeds in it.

Nov 29, 2017
reed valves
by: farmertom

I found that KK-4275 valves worked well for me available from several ebay sellers and online compressor parts sellers.
these were used in craftsman and delta compressors and seem to be a common/available part

Aug 23, 2015
Save your time and money lose hb
by: Hate harbor freight

Bought a used harbor Freight compressor. Reeds were bad.

Hb only sells the whole reed plate assembly. Bought two and gaskets. When they came all the contents of the package were loose. One of the head gaskets were ripped. Made new ones out of cereal box cardboard. Installed all of it worked like a charm for about 6months.

Reeds went out.

Used the old not broken reeds to fix it and it lasted another 7 months and the reeds are broke again.

Both time the right side reeds.

Hate harbor freight. Ill just save a bit more and get the good stuff.

Aug 13, 2015
by: Paul Riet

Found the perfect springs for making the valve on Ebay..

4PCS .015 Polished Blued Steel 2 Feet Spring Stock Tattoo Machine Custom Parts

7-8 bucks and they are perfect and enough to make at least 8 or more

Dec 08, 2014
Compressor reeds can be made easily
by: Bill

Thanks for this. You and others like you have solved the problem for a lot of folks that haven't been able to find or buy OEM reeds for their air compressors.

Make your own! Indeed. Well done.


Dec 08, 2014
compressor reeds can be made easily
by: Anonymous

my sons compressor reed broke . harbor freight model. rather than try to order I decided to make the reed out of a .010 feeler gage blade. I tested the bend pressure with a gram gage and the .010 was the same as the feeler gage. I traced the outline of good reed onto feeler gage blade and using a one inch belt sander I shaped a new reed. took 5 minutes. I measured reed and it is next to perfect size. The spring in the feeler gage should work.

Ready to install.

Jul 08, 2014
Made my own!
by: Burnt

I didnt want to wait or try and get it from Harbor Freight so went to Home depot and got a Hyde 1.5 inch flexible scrapper , they come in 2 thicknesses a super thin flexible and a thin, got the super thin for $5 drew a patern on it and held it by the handle and used my bench grinder to mold it into shape , only took about 10 minutes to drill holes and grind down!

Jan 31, 2012
CP Pneumatic Reed Valves
by: Ron

I went down to my local Harbor Freight and noticed that the current compressor motor that they currently (#67698) sell looked very much like the 93786 and you can get that manual on the HF website which includes the IPB etc.

On page one is the phone # you call for parts.

Just on a whim I decided to put 67698 parts in a 93786 because I was sure they would be the same parts and they where. I only had one broken reed valve but decided to replace all of them in both cylinders. Of course get new gaskets also!!!

One thing, when you get your parts you will notice the long Valve Plate or long Reed Valve #17 in the 67698 in (is?) perfectly flat when you receive it and the one in your compressor is bent slightly. You HAVE to put that bend in the new one to keep the Reed Valve flat when it is installed. Just put it in your vice and it only requires very little pressure to get the correct bend, took me 10 seconds.

My 93786 is working great now!! The total for the parts and shipping was about $25.00
Good Luck


Thanks Ron, B.

Jan 25, 2012
Me Too!!
by: Frank

Did you ever find parts? My reed valve plates rusted and broke after 2 yrs of use. Can't find source either! Thx

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