Cap2000p aircompressor odd tank pressure gauge

by Charles N Johnson
(Ojai, California)

Bostitch Cap2000p air compressor tank pressure gauge will not return to zero, returns to 110 or thereabouts.

Have not used compressor in a few years. Turned it on to discover air pressure regulator was shot and would not hold / supply pressure out. Ordered orig part, took cover off (NOT fun), replaced everything. Turned on, new pressure regulator works fine, but tank pressure gauge started climbing to max pressure (freaked me out), until I realized this wasn’t a true reading, when I pulled the pressure relief valve, and it “returned” to roughly 120, which is why pressure relief value didn’t go off. I believe the reading to be way high. Can I adjust this valve, or do I need to replace this gauge as well?

Charles in Ojai

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Jun 04, 2018
Cap2000p gauge
by: Doug in

These gauges are cheap and relatively accurate.

Just replace it, oem or something from your local big box or HFT store.

BTW, it's almost certainly 1/4 inch pipe size, don't be fooled by the approximate 3/8 inch diameter of the existing one. If it's less than 3/8 across, then it's probably 1/8 in pipe size.

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