Can’t turn regulator knob on brand new Windstorm by Sparmax

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by BC
(San Antonio, TX, USA)

I am new to using compressors and have a brand new Windstorm compressor. I have followed the instructions on adjusting the regulator, but I’m simply unable to get it to move.

Windstorm air compressor
Windstorm air compressor

The top of the knob says “push lock” and shows a double-headed arrow to adjust clockwise or counter-clockwise.

I’ve read the instructions carefully and #5 just says to adjust regulator only when power is on and airbrush is connected.

I have followed the instructions.

Is this knob just stiff from being new?

Needs WD-40? I don’t want to use a wrench if it is going to damage something.

Thanks in advance: Brad


Hey Brad. As per your note “The top of the knob says “push lock”. This tells me that the adjusting knob on this combination filter / regulator is a locking one.

I expect you either need to pull it up to unlock it, or maybe push the knob down to unlock or lock it, not usre.

Rather than just turn it with brute force, try pulling up on the knob. That doesn’t work, try pushing down.

Let us know if this does anything, as a comment here, will you?

And, the regulators page on this site tells you all about how regulators work.

Well, did it work?

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