Can't run impact wrenches on a 919.167370

by Eric
(Eureka, Ca, USA)

Yeah I know I should run an impact on a larger compressor, but my big one is busted and I can't get parts for it. Seems like this one should be fine for taking off lug nuts on occasion. I've tried three guns, the biggest being an "Earthquake" that has over 1,000 ft-lbs, and it barely budged my lugs. Seems like the regulator necks down the flow, ie won't allow enough cfm to get to the impact. Any ideas? Replace the regulator?

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Jan 17, 2018
by: Bill

Then yup, change the regulator. Go cheap for a quick fix, or an industrial regulator if you want quality or longevity.

Jan 17, 2018
by: Eric

I assume you mean put in a T, so you still have an idea what the pressure is, then have someone watch the pressure as it rises past 90, then use the tool off the unregulated line. This compressor shuts off at 150 psi, which will ruin the impact otherwise.

The Earthquake uses 6 CFM, but I should only need 2 seconds, maybe 3. I can run it for 20 before the compressor gets down to 120 psi in the tank. The hose will do 20 CFM at least.

Sounds like Craftsman went cheap with the regulator? Do they wear out? Its about 10 years old. Light use though.

Jan 17, 2018
Impact wrench won't work
by: Bill

"Seems like it should be fine for taking off lug nuts" hmmmm.

The real issue, and that info is not in your post, is what is the air flow demand of the wrenches you are trying to use and at what pressure.

With that info, expecting 3-4 CFM of air flow at 90 PSI per HP of compressor motor, is there enough air coming from the compressor at full run to get anywhere near the demand of the wrench?

Sure, it could be the regulator, and the simple check is to remove it, (compressor off and tank empty of air) thread the coupler into the straight pipe from the tank, and see if that works.

It could be the regulator, but more likely your air wrench needs way more air than the compressor can generate at sufficient pressure, Eric.

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