Can't find the model number.

by Carl Griffith
(Chehalis Wa.)

Devilbiss air compressor

Devilbiss air compressor

Devilbiss air compressor
Devilbiss air compressor

I just bought this Devilbiss air compressor.

I want to know what model number it is. It's an old one.

I think it has a 30 gallon tank, runs on 220v, has two cylinders, and only one identifying plate.

Here is what is stamped on the plate: DEVILBISS 150 psi at 350' F max press + temp MFGS. No 00006747 1979. It runs real good. It recovers quickly(as far as I know. I'm no expert).

I guess parts are not available If I ever need to rebuild the pump (or are they?).

Any info would be great even if it's just trivia.

I like these oldies.

Thanks for any info. Carl

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Sep 16, 2017
Found and lost it.
by: Carl Griffith in Chehalis Wa.

Thanks for the model number. I'll try this number with the DevAir catalog and others. I found several pumps that look identical to this on Craigs list,listed as older Craftsman. I also found some basic parts like the diaphragm and head gaskets that look like they will fit. I didn't see much more than that. (I can't find the website. I need to clean up my desk. Lol.) I'll use this new info and see what I can find then i'll post it. Thanks for the input.

Sep 10, 2017
Model number
by: Anonymous

Looks very like the one I have and the model number is DAC-504-28TF

Jun 10, 2017
Devilbiss pump
by: Doug in

Parts may be available. I'd try going through the DevAir (small devilbiss pumps) catalog and see if you see one that's close.

Many of these have various *types*, but the main parts are often unchanged or backward compatible.

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