Can't decide between Kaeser, AtlasCopco or IR

by Gad

Dear All

Purchasing 37K 50HP Screw Compressor Kaeser, AtlasCopco or IR

I am about to purchase a 37kw screw compressors and i cannot decide between the three manufacturers, given that i have checked their technical specs and differences.

Atlas offered the GA37 Normal
Kaeser offered the BSD75 Normal
Ingersol offered the RS37i Normal

all three provides the required pressure and airflow, prices are almost the same, warranty bla bla same,and service centers are all bad :D so none is better than the others.

That's exactly why i can't decide between them, if anyone could provide technical data or evidence that any of these machines is better off than the others i would be more than grateful.

personal preference is not useful since i have never had a compressor also i believe that each manufacturer have made a superior model at some point for example, BENZ c-class W202 is better than BMW 3series E90 but BMW 3series F30 is better than BENZ c-class W205. btw its just an example.


Thank You

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Sep 04, 2018
Atlas Copco, IR or Kaeser choice
by: ICS

Atlas Copco and IR are just plain middle line compressors that overprice their filters and parts.

Kaeser is a tank. Built to last.

If you want a good compressor, get a german one.

Even better than Kaeser is Boge. I will put them against anything, even Kaeser. Boge builds the best compressor available when you are talking screw compressors. Worth every penny. Google them and find a distributor in your area.

Sep 04, 2018
Choice between Atlas Copco, Kaeser IR air compressor
by: Anonymous

Go with the Kaeser if you're looking to kep that compressor for a long time. It will outrun the IR and Copco, they are just about the same thing.

Both middle of the road compressors with a name that everyone knows.

The Kaeser is an amazingly well built german compressor.

If you want another option, look at the german brand of compressor called Boge. I will put them against anything out there, even a Kaeser. A Boge will outrun them all.

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