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Can you tell me anything about this compressor, says Jame Hefley.
Information on Jame's Saylor Beall air compressor
Information is requested on James’ Saylor Beall air compressor
Hello James. Other than it’s an “interesting” color I can see from one of the photos below it’s got a G.E. electric motor as the power source.
Name plate identifying Jame's air compressor
Name plate identifying James’ air compressor

The name tag shown above – Saylor-Beall – identifies the manufacturer.

Electric motor on James' Saylor Beall compressor
Electric motor on James’ Saylor Beall compressor

James, Saylor-Beall is still in business, and contact information is available on this site on this page.

They might like to see the photos too and can provide a wealth of information about your compressor, I’m sure.

End view of a nice Saylor Beall air compressor
End view of a nice Saylor-Beall air compressor
Belt-side view of James' Saylor Beall air compressor
Belt-side view of James’ Saylor-Beall air compressor


Doug in s.d.ca
March 11, 2019

The motor is perhaps under-rated and for continuous duty, as it draws 3/4 HP worth of juice, but looks like it’s rated for only 1/4 HP, so should run pretty cool. Ditto the pump because it’s a S-B.