Can I use the Cap 2000 to inflate car tires?

by brian

Can I use the Cap 2000p to inflate car tires? If so is there a recommended tire gauge/accessory that works best?

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Dec 18, 2016
inflating tires
by: Doug in

You can also try googling for "tire inflator chuck"

...which will show various combo tools for just this purpose.

As an aside, most cars use less than 40psi, medium truck (and small bus) tires often run at 80, and big truck and bus tires run at 120.

There are locking chucks, too, so you can set your regulator to the pressure you want, and walk away while it fills (or un-fills) to your desired pressure. Slower, but useful if you don't want to squat while doing it.

Dec 18, 2016
CAP 2000 to inflate tires?
by: Bill

Hi Brian. Sure you can. You can use any air compressor including the CAP 2000 to fill tires.

Be aware that a tire typically will need 35 PSI or so to be full.

If you compressor can put out, say, 135 PSI, you can over pressure the tire and that's not good.

You'll need a tire chuck to attach your air line to the valve on the tire, and a tire air gauge to determine what the pressure in the tire, is to insure that you do not over pressurize it.

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