Can I run compressor up to 125 psi? Quincy QT10

by Eric
(Addison, Illinois)

A friend purchased a used Quincy QT10QCB compressor in good shape, it was set up for 460 V 3 ph, so we changed the motor wiring to 230V 3 ph, and changed out the Contactors and Overload relays for ones rated at higher Amperage. It runs good like this.

Now he tells me he needs 95 psi to run some of his pneumatic tools.

Compressor is set up with Pressure Regulators with 100 psi max setting.

Can I Swap out Regulators to run compressor at 95 to 125 psi? Will Compressor be able to get there without any problems?

Don't want to buy new regulators if compressor will not be able to get there.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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Feb 28, 2017
by: Eric

I'm referring to the pressure switch which turns compressors on and off at low and high pressure limit ( respectively ). By the information you posted it looks like I will be OK if I purchase the Pressure switches that fall in the correct range for his application. Thank You!

Feb 28, 2017
QT10 Quincy compressor pressure
by: Bill

This is from the Quincy website:

"The Model QT-10 is an aircooled, two stage, two
cylinder, splash lubricated compressor, with up to 175 PSI continuous pressure capability. It has a 5"
low pressure bore and a 2.75" high pressure bore,
with a 3.5" stroke. This compressor can be run at
550-1000 RPM."

From that, I surmise, that the compressor can deliver 175 PSI.

What I don't understand from your question is your use of the term regulators. Are you talking about pressure regulators to adjust the downstream pressure, or are you talking about the pressure switch, that controls the cut in and cut out pressure levels?

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