Adding an air tank to increase volume?

by Ray
(Amarillo, Tx)

Adding second air tank to small compressor to increase volume

Where should the pressure regulator be located…if it stays in the same location, would back pressure from other tank be a problem?

Ray, if putting the second tank in series, then having a regulator before the second tank will mean that you are regulating the pressure going into that tank.

Since regulators only lower pressure, the secondary tank will only have air pressure in it equal too or lower than the first tank, so, no back pressure.

Still, it would make more sense to me to have the regulator installing in the line after the second tank, so you have full compressor pressure built up in both tanks for you to draw on.

Set the regulator at the lowest possible pressure that works for your air tools to reduce energy use and wear and tear on the compressor.

Can I put two tanks on one compressor?

Sure. DeWalt does it, as does a number of compressor manufacturers as they try to get more volume capacity into a small compressor footprint.

I added a second tank and…

I followed your instructions on how to add a second tank to my compressor, I added a 26 gallon tank to a 30 gallon.

Everything is running fine but it seems the compressor is still turning on and off at the same rate as before. Is there an adjustment I need to do?

Not quite sure what this means.

Adding a tank gives you more pre-compressed air supply for your tools. It will not change the cut in or cut out pressure levels of the pressure switch.

What will happen is that when it cuts in, the compressor will run longer as it fills both tanks.

If that’s not the issue, please post a comment here letting me know.

Can i put two tanks on one compressor?

by walt meeks
(tenn humbouldt)

put the two tanks side by side and fill
Hi Walt…

Yup, you sure can.

Supply the second tank with air from the tank on your air compressor, and then plumb the air from the second tank to your workshop.

You’ll need to remember to drain both tanks regularly, as both will gather moisture.

Check out the new page on this website Add An Air Tank and review the pages on compressed air plumbing on this site, as well, if you want more information.

Remote tank – how to install?

by steve

i have a compressor tank that i want to keep in my garage to use when i need more volume for bigger jobs. is there anything special i have to do to hook up a smaller compressor(6 gal.pancake style 1 1/2 hp)to the larger tank?

If you have one 30 gallon tank on a compressor, or one on a compressor and another beside it, the compressor doesn’t care. The net result of the two tanks is 60 gallons of compressed air ready to use when both are full. You have more air to use, but it takes longer for the compressor to fill the two tanks.

Visit the sitemap page under Tanks, and read the pages to do with adding a tank. All recommendations are already there.

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