Can I put a secondary tank on my compressor??

I have a 25 gal ch air compressor I think it is 1.5 hp. Presently builds pressure to 125 lbs. Can I place a secondary 75 gal. tank on this system, and what is the best way to plum. it.As the compressor stands now it runs great, but I run out of quickly and compressor seems to run too much for me.

Sure you can, Moran 3.

Issues you will have to deal with are your compressor duty cycle, plumbing the tank, whether your compressor is big enough for what you are trying to do with.

All of this info is available on this site.

Specifically, if you look under tanks on the sitemap page, you will find the info about adding a second tank.



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Oct 09, 2015
What response was expected?
by: Jeff

I am curious what response was expected from Sears.

A compressed gas is very powerful and an air compressor tank is similar to a mini bomb. With it being built in 78, it would have been 35 years old in 2013, which is quite old. The tank can rust out just from the moisture in the air.

The air tank is a pressure vessel and I am unsure why it would have been used before being checked to make sure it is sound at 30+ years old. To me this speaks volumes about the lack of knowledge and care of the equipment. I wouldn't expect a pressure vessel that has not been maintained to hold pressure at 30+ years old.

Why did the owner risk it?

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