Can I lay a vertical 5.5hp oil-free compressor flat for transport

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by James

Maybe a dumb question, but I have a 5.5hp vertical air compressor with a 25gal tank. My friend says that I can’t transport it on it’s side because oil will leave the cylinder? How can this be if it’s oil free or was this a problem with old systems?

Good question, James. If there is no oil, then oil from the sump can’t slop into areas, bringing sediment and oil sump crud with it. That’s the problem with putting an oil lubed compressor in a different orientation than designed for. It would be like running your car while it’s up on its side.

However, if it were my oil free air compressor, even assuming I took care to support the various parts to ensure they couldn’t be damaged in transport, I would hesitate moving it on its side.

If you do, my suggestion to is to make sure you drain the tank first to void it and allow any tank crud and water out, and leave the tank drain open while moving it.

My thoughts! Anyone else?

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