Can an air compressor be reused?

by TWalker
(North Carolina)

The 1st contractor said it was the air compressor, so I purchased a new one for my old external 27 year old HVAC Trane unit. I know I should have known that we can not introduce something new with something so old. Well, then a week later the unit stopped producing cold air. 2nd Contractor said the compressor was too powerful for the old parts which blew holes in the piping and the Freon had leaked. He stated I would need to replace the entire system.

I wanted to know whether the "new" compressor I had already purchased could be removed, reused and resold (its only a week old), since I had already paid $800 for it and I was getting an entire new system? I just didn't want the old unit to be hauled away with an expensive new part that could be reused.


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Sep 05, 2018
Reuse compressor
by: Bill

Twalker, I don't know anything about compressors in air conditioners.

If the compressor you bought is general purpose, then yes, of course it can be reused.

If it's air conditioner specific, please Google air conditioner websites and check with them, or the person that told you to install a new one.

This site is about home workshop and industrial air compressors.

Good luck.

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