Can a 220V B09J500-20 be converted to 110V?

by Bob G.
(Cleveland, OH)

20 years ago I bought a 220V 5 HP Black Max Sanborn compressor, model # B09J500-20.

I have since moved and my garage does not have a 220V outlet.

I'm wondering if the compressor can be converted to operate on 110V without much expense or effort.

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May 18, 2018
Source for 220v almost everone has...
by: Bill

Excellent suggestion Pakrat8.

I would only add for those that need it that 220 Volts can kill you faster than you can believe (just for an instant) so if you are not electrically trained, please use an electrical contractor to install the new dryer supply line and socket.

Also, while I think this is a great idea for getting 220 Volts for a compressor, has anyone any comments on Pakrat8's suggestion?

May 17, 2018
Source for 220v almost everone has...
by: Pakrat8

I have a 20 gallon 5 Hp Black Max that is 220v, single phase. As I have moved around the country, I found that there was seldom a 220v outlet in my garage but I also found that there is always a 220v Electric dryer outlet.

Consequently, I removed the cord and replaced it with a standard electric dryer cord. I haven't had any power supply issues since then. There are several ways to solve the problem depending where in your home the supply panel and or the dryer are located. I will leave it to you how you negotiate the use of the dryer outlet but it is generally less expensive to have a dryer outlet installed that a specialty 220v circuit.

Jan 06, 2017
220 volt to 120 volt
by: Milan

No you cannot convert a 220 volt motor to 120 volt motor. However it is very easy to have a 240 volt single phase circuit and outlet installed in your garage. 3 phase power now is another matter but a 5 horse motor is more than likely single phase.

Dec 27, 2016
220V B09J500-20
by: Doug in

Sorry, not likely.

Even if the motor is convertible to 120, you'd need new wiring and circuit breaker to run it.

You'd need at *least* a 30Amp breaker and huge wires.

So, resolve to get 220 in there somehow.

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