Campbell Hausfield HU351000 Air Compressor pops breaker?

by Rob Bennett
(Murfreesboro Tn)

I have a Campbell Hausfield 110v HU351000 Air Compressor that pops breaker as soon as I turn it on before compressor even starts.

first three times I plugged it in and it ran for maybe 5 seconds and the breaker reset.

I unplugged everything in the garage and tried it again and it doesnt even let the air compressor kick in as soon as I turn the switch to on it kicks the breaker off.

Breaker is good brand new house brand new wiring still pops with nothing on just by turning the switch on. Im confused
Rob, you have an electrical fault I would say, based on what you have written.

Just to be sure, you are trying to start the air compressor with no air in the tank, right? If not, please dump the tank air and try again, and if the compressor runs, that suggests that your air compressor unloader valve might need looking at.

It is interesting that the compressor would run a for few seconds before popping the breaker before, but now, it blows the breaker immediately upon attempt to start it. That suggests that the fault has changed, and to me that would point to the problem possibly being be a capacitor issue.

If not the unloader, then please see the page on this site about testing your caps, and then, give us an update, perhaps?



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