Campbell Hausfeld will only build to 25 psi.....

by Leland Hix
(Eau Claire, Wisc.)

I have a Campbell Hausfeld Model WL604000AJ purchased about 20 years ago. It is on a dedicated 20 amp circuit.

This compressor is installed in my shop and used for, spray painting, etc.

I have cobbled together an air delivery system that is connected to the compressor consisting of an water heater tank and piping to the rest of the shop.

About 3 years ago the compressor started running consistently without building any air pressure. I bought another air compressor since i needed something immediately and didn't have time to fix it at the time.

I recently pulled it out and started to diagnose / fix it.

Initially i was led to believe the pressure switch was bad based on the trouble shooting guide that originally came with the unit. I purchased a new pressure switch from C/H and installed it. But now the unit would only build to about 25 psi.

Based on information in web site i was thinking the intake and exhaust valves were bad and indeed could feel air being pushed out of the air filter as the unit fan,,,,so concluded a bad intake valve that was not seating correctly.

I subsequently purchased a replacement valve plate kit from C/H. So to date i've spent $134.84.

At this point i've almost put more into fixing it than it worth. But at this time it still does not build to greater pressure than 25 psi and even that take quite a bit of time...i'm planning on pulling the head off to make sure i've got every thing on correctly but am wondering what the next step could be?

The only thing left if not the head assm. is the piston and sleeve at a cost of $60....Am I missing something here???? any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Sep 07, 2015
Won't build pressure
by: Bill

Well, I can't tell if you've done all of the checks noted in the troubleshooting section for compressors that don't build pressure.

Also, if you've replaced the valve with a new valve kit, are you sure it's in correctly?

Do the checks referred to on the troubleshooting page, then add a comment here with your findings, if you wish.

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