Campbell Hausfeld takes a long time to reach pressure

by Les

I have an inexpensive CH compressor that runs good but takes a long time to build pressure as it seems to be leaking out of unloading valve while the compressor is running.

When the compressor finally reaches 125 psi it will shut off and hold the pressure and the leaking stops which tells me the check valve is functioning correctly.

The needle in the unloading valve needle is loose and simply moves back and forth in its orifice. is this supposed to be spring loaded or could the seat be damaged causing the leak?

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Mar 21, 2016
Schrader valve
by: Buster

Just a thought , but the schrader valve, the unloader valve, could have backed out of its seat if it's loose and flopping around. Try taking a schrader valve wrench, what you use on a car tire valve stem, and see if it will snug down any more.

Mar 21, 2016
Campbell Hausfeld leaking when running
by: Bill

If the unloader valve has failed, meaning that it stays open when the compressor is running, then yes, your compressor will take a long time to fill.

It is not impossible, but difficult, to find a replacement unloader valve.

Regardless, I doubt you can fix it, so either a replacement unloader valve or new pressure switch with a new unloader is in the works for your compressor, I reckon.

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