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There are thousands and thousands of Campbell Hausfeld air compressors in use, and some have troubles. There is a forum on this site that allows visitors to post questions. It also allows me to review them all, and to post Campbell Hausfeld service tips here.

As I get the chance to, I'll be reviewing the hundreds of postings on this site about Campbell Hausfeld air compressors, searching through them for service tips that may allow you to diagnose a problem you are having with your Campbell Hausfeld air compressor.

The service tips will be listed by model number when the model number has been provided. Otherwise, they will be listed as they arrive or are found.

Campbell Hausfeld service tips - air compressor

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Campbell Hausfeld Service Tips

Tip 1: Compressor Keeps Shutting Down and Turning Back On To Build Pressure. It's not the pressure switch. It's the motor!

Tip submitted by Blackfoot:

OK... If your compressor is shutting down before reaching max pressure, and you can unplug it with the switch off for 5 minutes, and then plug it back in and turn it on and it will charge up a bit more. This is not from the PRESSURE switch.

There is a temperature sensor on the electric motor that is breaking contact prematurely. It is located underneath the plastic shroud on the right hand side of the motor.

You will see two insulated wires come together side by side into a flat tab with insulating plastic on it. Replace it or do as I have done and cut the plastic strap and slip off the other holding wires and slide one insulating wire between it and the copper coils. It will still work but will run a bit longer before shutting off.v

2.If you're getting air to the direct line you added to the pump but not the tank; it is the valve.

Take the top plastic shroud off. Look for the air line coming directly out of the pump; it leads to a brass fitting with a shallow hex head cap with a rubber O-ring.

Take off that cap; you will see a spring and a rubber cup that pushes down AGAINST the air being pumped.

The compressed air should force that rubber cup / valve open during compression and the spring close it when on the down stroke. It may be stuck. Try lubing it with a bit of compressor or air tool oil. And don't forget to add a little to the O-ring on the brass cap before putting it back on.

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