Electric motor runs then stops turning after a minute?

by Kent

I have a campbell 60 gallon compressor dont remember model. Had for over year slightly used 20 or so hours. Only turn on when using it.

Recently went to start it. Compressor came on fine. Motor stopped turning after approx building 30 psi.

Motor still had power but would not turn, started smell of electrical burning. Switch turned off immediatley.

Since trying to diagnose have turned on a couple of times. Same occurance, time running seems to be longer the longer in between runs.

Have found no correlation in pressure seems to be time or load based. Still builds pressure every time. No extension cord, used on the same circuit for over year with no problem before. Any help?
Kent, good that you mentioned you are not using an extension cord, as that may have been the reason.

Your compressor motor likely has a start capacitor and a run capacitor. It is possible that as the pressure in the tank increases, your motor needs some help powering itself to keep running against the increasing power. If the caps are failing, that might be the problem. See the page on this site about testing the caps.

Your compressor symptoms could also be caused by a bad tank check valve so, after dumping all tank pressure, you could remove, clean and replace that.

Other potential trouble spots? The motor itself may be failing, your intake filter may be plugged up overloading the motor, your pump valves (intake and pressure) might be failing... start with the easier stuff and move to the harder, as valve checking, for example, will require a tear down of the pump itself.



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Can't get it to fill over 47lbs?

Campbell Hausfeld HL5401 Air Compressor

Campbell Hausfeld HL5401 Air Compressor

I just bought a Campbell Hausfeld HL5401 8 gallon compressor, after break in I changed the oil.

Compressor starts, runs, cuts out and restarts fine.

The problem I'm having is trying to fill my RV tires, I can't get it to fill over 47lbs, tanks gauge shows 120lbs and I have tried the regulator from 80 to 120. I have no leaks as pressure is not lost. Any ideas, could it be the tire chuck??
It is hard to tell where the problem lies, friend.

With tank pressure being at 120 PSI, which is a typical pressure level for this type of compressor, then, with no regulator in the discharge line, your air pressure exiting the discharge coupler would have to be 120 PSI.

Yes, it could be a faulty tire chuck or tire valve, but I doubt it. After all, if the chuck opens the valve to let air flow up to 47 PSI, unless the tire valve is closing at that pressure, the tire chuck should still flow air at the pressure coming down the line.

I suspect your air regulator gauge may not be giving you the right pressure setting, or the regulator itself may be failing.

Depending on how much time and money you want to throw at diagnosing the compressor problem, you could add a Tee to the end of the tank discharge line, move the discharge coupler to the other side of the Tee, and plumb another gauge off the Tee as a check to see what pressure is getting through the regulator.

Or, if you are careful with blowing up your tire, add a Tee before the regulator allowing non-regulated air to flow out another discharge coupler, and run 120 PSI directly to the tire chuck.

Either one would soon tell you whether it was the regulator that was the problem.

What did you decide to do?



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Campbell Hausfeld DP5810-q cuts off at 30 psi.

by Anthony
(Jacksonville, fl)

Bought this compressor on Craigslist.

Brought it home, had to add a pressure switch. Installed it wired it up, and the motor runs strong until it gets to about 30 psi then it trips the thermal switch.

Kept playing with it, can't figure it out. Took the heads Off and everything looks good. The reed valves I believe they are called worked good.

The unloader works, the check valve is working fine.

Figured it might have been the motor for some odd reason. Went and bought a Leeson 5hp motor, and it does the same thing.

I'm really needing to get this going and am lost as what to try next. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If it tripping the thermal cut out, then the motor is overheating.

That it happens on the new motor too, is very bizarre.

It suggests to me that either there is an issue with the power supply and the motor is reacting to that as the load increases and over heats, or, the pump itself has a problem that manifests itself when the tank back pressure reaches the 30 PSI area.

Are you certain that you've got enough amperage in the power supply?

If so, then in my opinion, your pump itself may be the problem.


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