Campbell Hausfeld compressor has gas leak

(Copeland KS)

I have a Campbell Hausfeld air compressor with a Honda motor on it.

Portable unit. tire in front, handles on back. The thing leaks gas!

Always empty when its time to use it. Is it the carb? The fuel filter in tank? Fuel line?

The fuel line is removed and no issues apparent there.

I'm not able to tell where the leak is at.

I have the tank removed and full of water and no leaks to be found there.

Thanks for your input.

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Apr 04, 2016
by: Doug in

You are very welcome, Ash.

Sounds like you got it (damn O-rings)...

Apr 04, 2016
Honda motor gas leak on Campbell Hausfeld air compressor
by: Anonymous

Thanks Doug!

I had pulled the gas tank off and backed out the in tank filter.

There I found the o ring dried out and cracked.

Replaced that as a place to start and it appears like it fixed it!

Good info on the gas/water molecules...did not know that and it makes sense why the water would not leak thru o ring


Apr 02, 2016
by: Doug in


You might get a better answer in a Honda small motor group/site.

Gas(oline) molecules are smaller than water, so you may not find the leak (if it is, in fact, a leak, as opposed to evaporation thru the carb).

Good luck.

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