Cambell Hausfeld air compressor tripping breakers

by Mark
(Manhattan KS)

Cambell Hausfeld air compressor. 60 gal. upright, motor is a Marathon, SPL/HP, Sgl Phase, 240V on a 20amp breaker. 4’ of heavy 10-3SOOW CORD hard wired to the panel. It has ran great for 4-5 years.

Now it trips the breaker every time.

If I drain the tank completely, it will start after 2-5 cycles of tripping and resetting the breaker.

Once it’s running, the motor runs fine and quite like usual.

I’ve read about relief switches, capacitors, and bad breakers. Can you give me a sequence of narrowing down the culprit?

Motors are almost as much as a new compressor but I’m not convinced that the motor is at fault.

Thanks in advance!!

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Dec 12, 2018
5 HP motor
by: Doug in

...I'm guessing.

You don't say what you've tried, but if you concluded the motor is OK, then put a 30amp breaker on it.

I know the 20 worked, but it's underrated. That's likely why it's tripping now.

Dec 11, 2018
Cambell Hausfeld tripping breakers
by: Bill

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