C2002 air compressor - no air out of the hose?

Porter-Cable C2002-WK Oil-Free (Photo: www.amazon.ca)

Porter-Cable C2002-WK Oil-Free (Photo: www.amazon.ca)

On a new Porter Cable C2002 air compressor, the tank fills properly and the gauge indicates pressure but no air goes through the regulator.

The regulator gauge indicates zero and turning the valve in either direction makes no difference.

No air comes out the hose so the gauge is correct that there is no pressure.
If the tank gauge shows pressure, but the pressure regulator gauge shows zero, then your compressed air regulator has be dialed down to zero PSI, or the regulator has failed.

Since this is a new Porter Cable air compressor, I suspect that the regulator has never been opened to allow air to flow through it and to be regulated.

Try pulling out on the regulator knob or pushing in on the regulator knob to re-couple the adjustment knob with the internal adjustment shaft. On many regulators the knob is de-coupled after adjustment to help prevent accidental pressure adjustment.

If this fails, then I suspect that the regulator adjustment knob is broken, and since it is a new compressor, the store where you bought it should replace the regulator. It were me, I'd ask for a complete replacement unit.



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