C oleman Powermate Bleeder Valve leaking all the time

by James

Bleeder valve from coleman powermate 11 gal compressor

Bleeder valve from coleman powermate 11 gal compressor

I have a coleman powermate 11 gal compressor handed down from my father in law.....when he owned it he had the bleeder valve tie strapped back into itself therefore it was NOT connect to anything.....I have never had any trouble until recently.

NOW there is a LOT of air coming from the bleeder valve and it will not build pressure into the tank, only about 40 psi......I cannot figure it out, some experts have told me that the check valve is bad...........HELP please
If you read the pages on unloader (bleeder) valves and the one on tank check valves on this site, then you will understand how they work together or, in your case I think, not work together.

Probably wouldn't hurt to read the page in the troubleshooting section about why air compressors rund and don't build pressure, too.



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