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I had not heard of C-Aire Compressors until just recently when a visitor to my site wrote in and suggested that I add some information about C-Aire to this site.

As always, I suggest that when you need information or help about any brand of air compressor, you contact the company that manufactured the compressor.

C-Aire Compressors - www.about-air-compressors.com
Photo: www.c-aireinc.com

But, from time to time, it might be useful for you to be able to communicate with other owners of the same C-Aire Compressor model so I have added this forum page to my website to allow this and hope it will provide benefit.

While I try to focus on general-purpose air compressors on this site, whether they be for industrial applications or for home workshop use, I am happy to add information about the C-Aire Compressors given that although they seem to focus on the fire protection industry, and morph into the automotive industry, their product line appears to be robust and might be of interest to others looking for a new air compressor.

C-Aire offers the compressor user a range of piston compressors from 1.5 hp up to 15 hp installed on vertical or horizontal tanks, and with a variety of voltages.

Their distribution appears to be nationwide in the US, with a host of distributors in the North Central US, and others sprinkled throughout some of the other states.

Their manufacturing is located in beautiful Wisconsin.

C-Aire Compressors
380 West 1st Street
Dresser, WI 54009
W: https://www.c-aireinc.com

If you have a question about your sea air air compressor and would like to ask others using the same make or model please use the form found just below. Of course, all questions using this form must have to do with sea air air compressors.

Thanks, Bill.

C-Aire Compressors Forum

Having an issue with your C-Aire Compressors? Here is where you can ask a question about it.

Please note that I work on responses to information and technical requests daily so please allow 24 hours for a response. Thanks. Bill

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