C-2001-WK Porter Cable air compressor hose

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by Billy Mitchell

I broke the pressure regulator off of Porter Cable C-2001WK.

Porter Cable C2001 air compressor

I am trying to replace it with a Kobalt regulator.

My question is what does the little hose that comes from the compressor to the regulator do?


Bill Mitchell
My question back to you Bill is that I don’t have this compressor so cannot pull the shroud off to clearly expose the air pressure regulator, pressure switch manifold.

I cannot see the little hose you refer to. I cannot recall ever seeing a compressor regulator with a little hose coming to it?

Is it possible by pressure regulator you might mean pressure switch? If the part you refer to is actually the pressure switch (see the regulator and pressure switch pages on this site for more info if you wish) then the small hose comes from the pump head to the pressure switch and is the air path for the compressor when it unloads.

If you wish, please add a comment and upload some photos of the part with the hose so we can see it too. Thanks.

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