Bypassing the regulator on Craftsman compressor

by Virgil
(West Union, Ohio)

I have been trying to find out what could be wrong with my old air compressor and so far I have not had any luck with any of the replies I have gotten and read.

For one thing I don't have any air leaks any where and my compressor only get to between 20 to 30 PSI no matter how far in or out the regulator is turned.

One thing I did not know about till I had read on another forum is that when you turn the regulator you are supposed to shut the air compressor off first and then turn the regulator, I had been turning the regulator while the air compressor was running so I might have damaged it so I am not thinking that if I can some how bypass the air regulator and have it pumping straight into the tank that it should build up more pressure.

I know that I will need to monitor the pressure to stop it once it hits around 100 PSI so it does not blow up. This will only be a test to see if it will reach that much pressure and if so then I know the problem is the regulator and I can then order a new regulator to replace that bad one.

I just want to know what others think of my idea and if it is a good or bad idea.

The air compressor in question is a Craftsman 20 gallon air compressor model number 106.152781. It is a pretty old one and I have had no luck in trying to find a users manual for it.

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