Burst valve specifications required in 1/4” or 1/2” and regulator queries.

by Paul
(Port Clinton,South Australia)

I have a 14cfm Ingersoll Rand compressor that builds up to 125psi which I run at 90psi for air tools and 30 psi for air nozzles.

I fitted an SMC AC3000 F.L.R combo unit rated at 145psi which has a 1/4” inlet and outlet. Specs say it allows up to 500 L.P.M flow rate.

I bought all new 1/2” I.D Rubber hose(300psi rated/900psi burst pressure)and fitted high flow machine crimped fittings rated at 100cfm @ 100 psi which also includes the coupling sockets and nipple fittings as well.

Now I would like to install an inline BURST VALVE to protect myself in case a hose bursts and having an uncontrolled hose whipping around my workshop.

What size Burst Valve specifications would I require?

And is the valve fitted at the user end before the coupling socket on the hose or the end closest to the regulator?

I have a short 1/2” I.D hose from the compressor to the F.L.R unit then a 17.6 metre hose from the regulator outlet.

My new hoses are fitted with all 1/2”B.S.P.T male fittings so I can use all female coupling sockets and nipples. So l would also need a burst valve that’s female to female or female to male depending on the position where it’s fitted and the direction of flow through the burst valve and all in B.S.P T or B.S.P.P combination.

My only other alternative would be to fit a 1/4” burst valve onto the F.L.R unit outlet then attach a coupling socket to that or to the compressor outlet directly?

I only use one or 2 tools at one time so I’m assuming the flow rate of the regulator is ample for Air nozzles, air Tyre inflator,1/2” Drive air gun, engine washing spray gun and paint spray gun. I went to the larger diameter air hose and fittings as it was twice the length and diameter of my old hose.

Finally,I’m having problems finding affordable spare parts such as an air filter for my F.L.R unit as the model is obsolete now but it’s only been used for 3 years. Parts are almost the same price as a new imitation F.L.R unit and hard to find in Australia.

Thank you kindly.Paul

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Sep 05, 2018
Hose burst valve
by: Bill

Make sure your installation is FRL, not FLR will you?

As to burst valves, why not look at one of the sources for complete data, rather than me copying it here?


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