Builds up pressure to 45 psi then boggs the motor down

by kenneth mings
(norfolk va)

compressor builds up pressure to 45 psi then the electric motor boggs down if you release the pressure at the compressor it speeds back up

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Sep 09, 2016
Clicking motor bogging down
by: Bill

The clicking suggests that your centrifugal switch on the motor may not be working. If that's the case, then the start windings stay connected, or the run windings don't connect, and that may lead to the issues you describe.

Please start a new thread, identify the make and model of compressor, and let us know what you found when you had the motor tested.

Sep 08, 2016
Builds up pressure to 30 psi then boggs the motor down
by: Anonymous

60 gal compressor will not build pressure past 30 psi. Motor boggs down then fluctuates in speed all while I hear "clicking" then it eventually stops.

It's on a 220v 20amp circuit. Even tried on a 30 amp circuit but no change.

It seems the motor does heat up and sometimes I will need to reset the button on the electric motor. If I drain the tank of pressure and leave the petcock valve open the motor will run continuously without any problems.

The capacitor has been replaced but still having same issue with the electric motor shutting down after reaching 30 psi.

Jan 24, 2015
Bogs down at 45 PSI
by: Bill

First thing I'd check, with the tank empty and the compressor off, is the tank check valve. It's a reach, but that could be the problem.

Failing that, the next thought would be either a valve issue in the pump, or a run capacitor failing.


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