Builds pressure, releases pressure through pressure switch at cut off down to 100

by Bob
(Dayton , Ohio)

The compressor builds pressure fine. When it reaches it's cutoff 125psi, it will release at what appears to be at the back of the pressure switch down to around 100psi. The pressure switch was just replaced which had the same end result. Any ideas? Model OL50135W

Sure Bob. I hope you didn't replace the pressure switch because of this problem, as I don't believe it to be pressure switch related.

You unloader valve, which is typically open when the compressor is shut off, is allowing the air in the tank to vent to atmosphere.

If this were my air compressor I'd shut it down, drain all the air, and pull, check (clean or replace) and reinstall the tank check valve. I think that it's your compressor problem.



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