builds only to 40 psi

slowly builds to 40psi and stops new valve plates gaskits piston and sleeves

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Aug 07, 2014
Builds only to 40 psi
by: Bill

If you are saying that your air compressor starts properly, builds pressure in the tank to the 40 PSI level, and then the air compressor stops, it is not likely a valve or gasket issue, but more likely your pressure switch is pooched.

If you are handy with a mutlimeter, pull the cover from the pressure switch, drain the tank, start the compressor after closing the drain, and wait for the pressure to build.

If the compressor stops at 40 PSI, use the multimeter to check and see if there is power on the motor side of the switch. Assuming the switch is good, there should be power there.

If there is not, then your switch is tripping to off at the 40 PSI point, and that indicates that either the switch has gone bad, or the settings have been changed.



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