Buffalo Pneumatic compressor unloader valve no longer works - replacement?

by Joe
(Austin, TX)

My 5HP compressor marketed as a Buffalo Pneumatic and purchased about ten years ago from Home Depot has a defective unloader valve. I've tried rebuilding it but it still sticks & stalls the compressor at startup causing the circuit breaker to blow.

My valve looks exactly like the valve shown in the photo at:


I have not been able to find a replacement.

Do you have a source for that valve?

Or should I engineer a replacement from another design available unload valve?

If the latter what do you recommend for the pressure rating?

Thank you in advance,

Joe, in the right column on the site at the bottom is a link to air compressor supplies. Click the link, and then click the link for pressure switches. The last one on the first line of that page comes equipped with the unloader valve.

I expect there are suppliers of just the unloader valve out there, but I don't know of them. If others do, please post here as a comment.

Otherwise, you'll have to spring for the $20 or so for the new switch that comes with that unloader valve.



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